Ciipher is an active RTer as of 5/9/16 and has been RTing since around August 2015. She's not super well known and tends to change her username frequently.

Previous Usernames

Since joining RT, ciipher has changed her user 3 or so times. She started off as Crnu but was not known at that point. She changed her name to ciipher in October 2015. Her names so far have been Crnu, ciipher, toriiel, Astrisis and is now MysterySkullss [Named after the band and animations.]


Ciipher doesn't have many alts, but her main ones are: hyundai_elantra, domoxgirlx18 & Skyscrapers.

Other Stuff

Real Name: Noell

Age: 14 [As of 5/9/16]

Lives in: Maryland, USA

Social Media:

~ Twitter: Astrisis

~ Tumblr: Astrisis

~ Deviantart: JustMadThings

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