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Craxty joined RT in August 2014, and met many people along his time here which made him stay and helped him grow as a person in general.

In August 2014, Craxty joined RT and was welcomed by many OG members such as Rilpo, Nagware (Dawnofx738 on his old account) and a few more people. He stayed and by October 2014 was hooked.

2014 was great for craxty, and by January 2015 he had 4k posts. He gained his fame and popularity in 2015 by talking to people and enjoying himself from 10PM-1AM GMT most days.

He wore that yellow squid and most people remember him by that.

By 2016, he quit for 3 months due to irl shit, but by August 2016 he was back and hooked again.

First person speech now: I've met so many people these 2 years that i'll remember forever and i wanna say thank you to everyone who's been nice to me or hated me or had any chat with me, and i look forward to what the future of RT may bring.

love y'all