CIavulus (EmilySlipknotGirl), is a ROBLOX Talk user who has joined on June 4th of 2016. She formerly had an old account where she catfished people as a boy and trolled in 2012. She later returned four years later, in 2016.


CIavulus(EmilySlipknotGirl) started occasionally foruming in Pop Culture, however, her time on there was considerably short and left that particular subforum. In late August, Emily began posting frequently, though, as a crapposter. Examples included such as, "Am I Kween Of RT Yet". After realizing she didn't like having a reputation as a crapposter, Emily began to take her posting career more seriously.

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  • She is currently situated somewhere in rural Colorado.
  • Emily has admitted to having dislikes with the city life and hotel rooms, though nobody really knows why.
  • Hit 5,000 posts at 9:03PM on 11/18/16
  • Hit 10,000 posts at 7:40PM on 1/29/17
  • Changed her name to cIavulus on 6/13/17