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ButtonMash987 joined almost at the end of 2014 and started foruming sometime in 2015. He has low post count, but is really active. Like seriously. He plays ROBLOX everyday.

He sometimes makes stupid threads and stupid posts.

His banner is | A regular RTer |

rt counts to 1

RT made history with [1]This post. Originally wanted to count to 1, then 4, and ended at 5.

RT will learn to count to 10 sometime...


  • He is 11 Years old.
  • Likes to draw.
  • Likes to troll.
  • Has a twitter called @ButtonMashRBLX
  • Sometimes looks at cringe videos.
  • Has a shitty youtube channel.
  • Is obsessed with ROBLOX.
  • Participated in 2 Red Invasions.
  • Hates ODers.
  • His ROBLOX account is named after the popular My Little Pony fan series, Button Mash Adventures.

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