One of the most infamous and famous RTers to date on roblox. Bretfarve7 started foruming on RT at the start of 2010 but didn't really post frequently until 2011. He has been posting under the forums as bretfarve7, tillthebill, TheDevilsArchangel, trio54, trio45, DJTillthebill, GrandPrizes, testing123555, and feria12. He quickly got a reputation as a troll who pissed alot of people off but he became a long favorite of RT. He has been on here through all the ups and downs of this site and doesn't ever plan on leaving. RT is his home.

Accounts (current): Nintendoprism(trio54), trio45, djtillthebill, bretfarve7

First Deletion:

His first deletion happened when he and another RTer were fighting for days on end. The RTer broke into his email and hijacked 5 accounts and got 3 deleted.

Roblox Site Layout Changer Extension:

bretfarve7 created a working site layout modifier to revamp the site layout back to the original 2010 version, it has officially 8 headers to choose from but date of release is TBA

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About Bret:

Favorite forumer: legoseed

Favorite phrase: Piss off

Favorite years active in RT: 2011-2012

Alts: Over 200

Post count as of May 9th: 47k combined

~Bickyyy, gaomon, saus, bretfarve7, and forest. The Group of Destruction~

~Hate and Detonate~

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