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BobafrigginFeet is an RTer and someone you don't want to mess with. He is a ceremonial magician, hero of the counter-culture, and has been known to date 20 girls at once for an entire week.


Young and Hip, he's joined RT on early 2012. He was known to have been a meme master at the time. After months of stress from OD'ers, he's decided to eradicate them in the name of grammar and noobsaibot64. There was a huge hiatus that took about a year. Returning in late 2012, Boba-kun left RT because it was filled with insubordinate people at that time to join early 2013 ATR. Then, it also died so Boba returned to RT and achieved 20k posts.


  • His iconic look is the eye patch and his usually formal clothes.
  • He always has dandruff, caused by a curse because people were jealous of his hair.

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