Benidol joined on December 6th, 2009. He was active on the site through 2010 and 2011 collecting all hats and gears and started playing more games when the major updates came along.

== Benidol started foruming on New Years Eve 2011 earned 22,408 Forum Posts along with loads of respect before he was terminated in June 2013. Some cruel words were used within RT/OT and someone reported him for "Online Dating" which wasn't the case. He got a 14 day ban, decided to send ROBLOX@info an email and got deleted permanently. He uses the alternate account 13enIdol to this day.

13enidol is his main account with just over 10k forum posts. The "1" and "3" are supposed to represent the uppercase letter "B". 13's only alternate account is Trickyshotgun. A dual alt from 2009 taken from BooBooBot123. ==

Ben's fav'd games are SFOTHIV by Shedletsky, Hat Wars 2 by LordTeapot, & Mad Paintball by loleris