Avecys is a sordidly-renown occasional resident of RT. Avecys is responsible for scandals such as "the Avecys incident" and responsible for sparking the "Avecy's Return" forum war. In a private interview with Tefmon, he recalls his first interaction with Avecys as "dense and annoying." Hated by his peers, Avecys decided to embrace this image of disdain ironically, but recently has been believed to envelope Avecys' personality entirely. Today, Avecys basks in his idiocy and creates threads strictly to annoy and grasp at attention.

Post Contributions

Avecys does not create quality threads, he creates threads that instigate action, usually by engaging with another RTer of how "inferior" they are compared to Avecys. He enjoys posting threads reminding RTers of how excellent and legendary he is.

Post style

Avecy's often uses an emoji beside his thread titles ironically. He takes pride in his caricature playing an "intimidating, black man from oakland on twitter" persona, as he describes in one thread. He capitalizes all words, a major taboo in RT.