AsiimovWolf is a User who Usually is on ROBLOX Talk and not really much other Forum, He has 2,543 Posts and is Moving on to ROBLOX News and Discussion once RT is Shut Down.


AsiimovWolf Before RT Was new to the Forums, and Usually was a Businessman on ROBLOX, and also liked to make Places Based on Shopping Centers.


During his Second Trip to Canada, At a Stop in an A&W Restaurant in Quebec, AsiimovWolf Made his First Few Posts onto RT. He wanted to Post on RT because he saw Roblox Talk Forum Simulator V1-4, He will End his Journey the moment RT Becomes RNaD, his Final Post Count for RT: 2,543.


AsiimovWolf has Accepted the Position of "Prime Minister" for RNaD Making him the first one in RNaD's History.


AsiimovWolf Likes these Following Shows:

Bojack Horseman(Netflix, 2014)

Family Guy(FOX, 1998)

Any 90's Nickelodeon Programming

He Also Likes to go Shopping at Kmart whenever he finds one.

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