Impreza_STI is a User who Usually is on ROBLOX Talk and not really much other Forum, He has 2,260 Posts and is Currently Back to Being active.


Impreza_STI Before RT Was new to the Forums, and Usually was a Businessman on ROBLOX, and also liked to make Places Based on Shopping Centers.


During his Second Trip to Canada, At a Stop in an A&W Restaurant in Quebec, Impreza_STI Made his First Few Posts onto RT. He wanted to Post on RT because he saw Roblox Talk Forum Simulator V1-4, He is Active to this Day.


Impreza_STI Likes these Following Shows:

Bojack Horseman(Netflix, 2014)

Family Guy(FOX, 1998)

Any 90's Nickelodeon Programming

He Also Likes to go Shopping at Kmart whenever he finds one.

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