An_Architect is an RTer whos been generally on the forums since about 2014. He loves playing a variety of different video games outside of ROBLOX, but would often join RT parties whenever he's foruming or build. Other than playing video games he also likes to draw both traditionally and digitally, and do photography. He's probably known for poking fun and nothing much else, he thinks hes not that much of a memorable RTer so he doesn't know what he's known for.


Started foruming before 2014, but only did it occasionally so it wasn't considered foruming. Started in OT in 2014 and transitioned to RT around the same time as AhhTree. Became a little bit known in 2015, and almost quitted in 2016 due to being paranoid. Doesn't know when he'll quit and believes it may not happen for a while as his friends are whats keeping him from leaving.


  • 10,000+ postcount (total)
  • Created a tiny little "group" that hunts down ODer cults at times.
  • Generally a geek and a weirdo
  • Twitter: @Weirdocalypse