1zalo is a known RTer with over 10,000 forum posts.

He also uses his alternate account, "Zalo", when he has been moderated or for fun.


1zalo was created on February 8th 2009 one afternoon after watching Fleskhjerta's "Roblox Bloopers" on Youtube. Not knowing of the rules of roblox, 1zalo began to Online Date, exploit, and use frequent profanity to make him seem cool. 

After a year of playing, 1zalo stumbled upon the forum named "Suggestions and Ideas" and was deeply concerned about NBC's allowence, so he decided to make a thread complaining about how low NBCers get paid.

So immediately after 1zalo's huge flaming, he decided to start foruming in Off Topic about his personal problems. Yet again, getting flamed, 1zalo left Off Topic and decided to forum in what is now "Roblox Talk". Although he was still being flamed, he began to live with it and became delighted to forum there, meeting new friends and gaining rivals.

The PGing of Zalo

Right around late 2011 or early 2012, 1zalo became curious about that abandoned account named "Zalo" that nobody wanted. He began to try and PG (Password Guess) the character for around 2 days until successfully breaking into the acco

unt. While enjoying this account, Zalo was soon taken back by it's original creator and 1zalo was devastated, spamming Roblox Talk with guilt trip threads saying that he wanted his account back. 1zalo soon negotiated with the original account owner and was allowed to keep his account.

Fun Facts

  • 1zalo's real name in Kai Jean-Rene
  • 1zalo was first known for posting threads with links and a reaction
  • 1zalo's idol is M1LKMAN, the KO King
  • He also owns 2 twitter accounts: @_1zalo and @Robloxian_D
  • 1zalo typed this whole wiki
  • Everything here is true
  • 1zalo still remains to Online Date, on low profile and not on roblox.